A Rough Guide to Continuous Cooling

Continuous cooling is a key benefit of the Ecodyst rotary evaporator range. Rotary evaporators work to gently and efficiently remove solvents from a range of samples. Samples are heated and their boiling points are minimized concurrently using a vacuum that is induced by the rotary evaporator. The boiling point decreases as the pressure reduces and this means that the solvent can be vaporized at a far lower temperature than the standard boiling point.

The Importance of Continuous Cooling in Rotary Evaporation

One of the major downsides of traditional rotovaps is that they produce a high level of material waste and costs, due to the use of water or dry ice. Ecodyst’s rotary evaporators offer a continuous cooling technology that does not require the use of dry ice or water.

An efficient, continuous cooling system is required to mitigate the problems that commonly occur with traditional cooling condensers. A high-efficiency, a continuous cooling system is extremely advantageous to decrease overall size, complexity, weight and improve cooling temperature and function of the condenser cooling system.

Continuous Cooling with the Ecodyst 100L EcoChyll X7 Hi-Speed Evaporator

This large-scale rotary evaporator blends high loading capacities with extremely fast, continuous cooling for quick and efficient solvent recovery. Continuous cooling with this model is made possible using direct, self-cooling condensers which have a high cooling capacity. Their large surface area condensers can reliably condense high volumes of solvents.

This industrial-scale, continuous cooling rotary evaporator is a staple in research and commercial laboratories, highly recommended by chemists and botanical extraction processors. Our smart, self-cooling system is energy efficient and eco-friendly. Our continuous cooling system guarantees a productivity enhancement for high throughput solvent recovery as well as decarboxylation applications.

Our rotary evaporators are not only designed to function well, but they also prioritize user safety and ease of use, meaning that they do not require specialists for use.

Using Ecodyst Hydrogen for Continuous Cooling

Ecodyst’s Hydrogen model is an innovative means of continuous cooling which has a small footprint and is eco-friendly. This product sets a new benchmark for rotovaps which do not need to use glycol, water, or dry ice and instead implement Ecodyst’s continuous cooling technology. The built-in condenser leads to faster rates of evaporation which in turn enhances productivity.

This innovative, continuous cooling technology has been a game-changer in the rotovap industry, leading to minimal downtime.

If you would like to find out more about how our rotary evaporators make use of continuous cooling systems, get in touch with us today.