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Solvent Recovery vs Distillation: Which is Best?

Solvent recovery and distillation are critical processes in a range of industries. Both processes are used to separate and purify elements meaning they are helpful means of recovering a range of chemical components. This article will detail both processes and how they measure up against one another. What is Solvent Recovery Solvent recovery or solvent […]

Understanding how Cold Traps are Used in Vacuum Applications

Cold traps are used to condense vapors present in vacuum applications into a solid or liquid state (excluding permanent gases). The main function of a cold trap is to ensure that there is no contamination inside vacuum applications. Whilst experiments are conducted, containers must sit airtight so no vapor can escape and no extra gas […]

Cold Trap Terpene Capture—How Does it Work?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are present in many plants. They are commonly associated with cannabis plants as they contain high concentrations of terpenes. Terpenes create the characteristic scent of a range of plants – making up the bulk of the fragrance. Terpenes protect animals from grazing and infectious germs but they can also have […]

How to Choose the Right Cold Trap

Cold traps safeguard vacuum pumps from being contaminated by vapors being condensed in the device. They also stop oil vapors from backstreaming from the pump back to the system, making the vacuum pumps more efficient and less likely to break down. In this article, we discuss the types of cold traps available and their benefits […]

What is a Cold Trap?

Cold traps are often used in vacuum applications that contain a range of vapors. Cold traps are used to condense the vapors into a solid or liquid state. The cold trap stops contamination in the vacuum pump, decreasing maintenance requirements and extending the vacuum pump life. How Does a Cold Trap Work? Cold traps work […]

How Ecodyst Evaporators Differ from Cold Traps for Vacuum Pumps

In vacuum applications, cold traps are devices that transform vapors into liquids or solids. The purpose of this is to stop vapors from being evacuated outside of the container, causing contamination of the equipment. Vacuum pumps remove gas molecules or air particles from a sealed volume, changing the pressure within. This article aims to explain […]

Super-Fast Solvent Recovery with Ecodyst

Solvent recovery is a critical element of any lab used for cannabis extraction. For both winterization and extracting with a liquid solvent requires a bulk solvent recovery technique. This article will explore some of the pitfalls of traditional methods of solvent recovery and how the speed of solvent recovery with Ecodyst can be beneficial to […]

The 5 Steps of Cannabis Extraction

Extracting cannabis oil can be a time-consuming process that lacks energy efficiency. As the cannabis industry moves from the black market to a legal one, techniques of extraction and purification have become a focal point for researchers. Dried cannabis flower has traditionally been used for smoking and vaping, however as the industry grows, the need […]

The New Gold Standard for Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators (or rotovaps) are a staple of numerous laboratories around the world and have been for many years. However, in this time there have been very few major changes with regards to how rotary evaporators operate. Ecodyst has pioneered a new gold standard for rotary evaporators, modernizing them, making them more accessible, and work […]