50 l Rotary Evaporator for Large Scale Solvent Recovery

Large-scale solvent recovery can prove a difficult, inefficient challenge that takes a lot of time and energy. 50 l rotary evaporators from Ecodyst are a brilliant means of mitigating these issues. This blog post will examine why 50 l rotary evaporators are so beneficial and outline some of their key attributes.

What is a 50 l Rotary Evaporator?

50 l rotary evaporators are large-scale rotary evaporators that work to gently and efficiently take solvents out of a range of sample types including polymeric materials, inorganic and organic analytes. A vacuum is induced by the 50 l rotary evaporator, reducing the boiling point of the sample that is being heated. This means that the solvent can be vaporized at a significantly lower temperature than the standard boiling point, making rotary evaporation a highly efficient and economical process.

What Makes Ecodyst’s 50 l Rotary Evaporators Different

Ecodyst’s 50l rotary evaporators are at the forefront of evaporative process technology, being one of the first 50 l rotary evaporators to employ metal condensers. The refrigeration line on the 50 l rotary evaporator can be directly attached to the condenser coils as metal is highly conductive as well as strong.

Our EcoChyll X7 is a high-speed evaporator that facilitates fast, continuous cooling for rapid and efficient recovery. This 50 l rotary evaporator utilizes Ecodyst’s patented intelligent direct self-cooling condensers with minimal manpower required for every evaporation.

Ecodyst’s industrial-scale 50 l rotary evaporator is a turn-key solvent recovery system that is renowned by botanical extraction processors and chemists throughout the world.

Our 50 l Rotary Evaporator is Environmentally Friendly

Ecodyst’s 50 l rotary evaporator bypasses cooling systems that make use of objectionable techniques and materials, whilst consuming a large amount of energy. This means that evaporation using our products is more environmentally friendly.

Traditional 50 l rotary evaporators use many gallons of tap water year by year. Our systems save large amounts of energy which would usually be spent cooling anti-freeze without wasting dry ice.

A More Cost-Effective 50 l Rotary Evaporator

Our 50 l rotary evaporator is more cost-effective as it does not use costly rotary motor mechanisms. This means that the cost-per-use with our systems is significantly lower. Because our systems are easy to use and install, manpower costs are also greatly reduced.

Our 50 l Rotary Evaporator Prioritizes Convenience

Our range does not have any large evaporation vessels that need to be removed, making them significantly easier to use. This in turn enhances the efficiency of the users.

If you would like to find out more about the 50 l Rotary Evaporators from Ecodyst, get in touch with us today.