Rotary Evaporator Systems from Ecodyst

Ecodyst rotary evaporator systems are industry-leading solvent extracting solutions chosen by biologists and chemists in testing facilities the world over. Virtually any application that calls for the collection of evaporated matter, whether in the form of oil, liquid, or gas, would benefit from the adoption of Ecodyst’s selection of disruptive rotary evaporator systems.

Ecodyst’s flagship EcoChyll systems, designed and deployed in an array of sizes and specifications, are now the accepted accessories of some of the world’s forefront lab-based organizations, prestigious universities, research institutions, and multi-national scientific corporations.

Size and Specification Categories

Our EcoChyll Rotary Evaporator Systems are manufactured and supplied to serve an assortment of extraction-related applications. Because of this, sizes and certain specifications differ.

We supply a size spread ranging from single-digit liter systems to the industry’s largest rotary evaporation system; supporting extractions of up to 200 liters per process. Ecodyst’s product portfolio can accommodate large-scale commercial activities with a need for consistent and continuous operation or more modest volumes for those wishing to conduct infrequent tests or research.

Despite differences in size and certain design details, our rotary evaporator systems share some standardized fundamental functions.

Standard Assets of Ecodyst Systems

Overall Cost

A number of our systems’ design features contribute to the controlled long-term expense of opting for our evaporation equipment. With no hidden service or operation fees coming back to bite you later and an all-round more cost-efficient extraction procedure, our satisfied users all agree that our expert rotary evaporator systems pay for themselves.

Time-saving Task Completion

Our fully original direct self-cooling technology can save users time and resources, enabling the omittance of dry ice and water freezer cooling procedures. As an added advantage, excess equipment in the form of heavy tanks, tubes, and processing parts are no longer necessary, saving vital space, energy, and time.

Functional Flexibility

A wider arrangement of specialized functions and controls, concerning temperature, modified methods of evaporation and collection, and use of the latest creative component parts, allows the research team to have more oversight and authority over the whole process.

Our high-spec designed, and distinctive drain valve technology allows quicker and easier oil collection and containment, as well as our proprietary metallic condensers which significantly speed up the evaporation procedure.

Rotary Evaporator Systems for the Future

With so many merits and reported benefits compared with other evaporator systems on the market, it is difficult to find comparative drawbacks of our rotary evaporator systems. More eco-friendly, resource-efficient, and procedurally-effective than all their competitors and counterparts, our products, from the smallest scale rotary evaporator system to the largest, offer outstandingly superior results.

Environmentally-conscious customers with a finite budget who want a user-friendly rotary evaporator unit that won’t break and requires minimal care, look no further than Ecodyst’s supreme selection of systems. Contact us today for more information.