EcoChyll Rotary Evaporators: Cost, Specs & More

The Ecodyst team have proudly pioneered the EcoChyll line of rotary evaporators; the most cutting-edge evaporative extraction system on the market. Our EcoChyll rotary evaporators are highly efficient and ecological evaporation units that promote rapid extractions for scales of experimentation. In this article, we will be talking about the costs and specifications of our innovative rotovap line.

Procurement and Operations Costs

The cost to buy a new turnkey EcoChyll rotary evaporator can range from $19,999 and $150,000. Yet the savings that can be made down the line are difficult to quantify. For that, it is best to look at the tens of testimonials on our website and the thousands more online to see that the initial investment in one of our expert instruments is justified within the first few years of frequent use. Lower energy and operation costs soon add up to recoup the amount of money spent on an EcoChyll rotary evaporator.

Evaporation Rates

Use of the EcoChyll Rotary Evaporator ensures that a larger percentage of the extracted substance is collected and conserved. Due to their high load volume containing capabilities, the larger-scale Ecochyll models can regularly carry as much as 200 liters in one single extraction. This means less manpower per evaporation and less mechanization for the same rates of solvent substance.

Direct, to the Source, Solvent-Cooling Technology

Because we have found a way to bypass energy-sapping cooling systems that use undesirable methods and materials, we can keep our commitment to ethical, environmentally friendly experimentation and extraction.

A Range of Shapes and Sizes

At Ecodyst, we saw that other rotary evaporator suppliers offered a narrow range of rotary evaporators with a limited scope in terms of available shapes and sizes. As researchers ourselves, we are all too aware of the desperate need to save laboratory space. As such, we were determined to offer a multi-purpose solution that could be deployed in a variety of distillation and solvent extraction situations.

Our up-to-date line of specialized instruments contains a spectrum of sizes and specifications. From our tiny countertop ‘3L (liter) EcoChyll Rotary Evaporator S’ model to our mammoth industrial ‘200L (liter) EcoChyll Rotary Evaporator X9’, our vastly supreme and diverse range of sizes and shapes can cover all manner of evaporative objectives and extractions of enormous substance volumes.

Additional Advantages and Attributes

Mountains of literature exist, praising the merits of our powerful EcoChyll rotary evaporator range. We can sit here saying how eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective the EcoChyll is but seeing truly is believing.

Contact us today to find out why research professionals with one eye on the future are making the satisfied switch and letting our rotary evaporator products help them reach their true potential.