Ecodyst sponsors Young Women In STEM Conference

The Young Women In STEM Conference announces Ecodyst as its the official Sponsor of the 1st annual Young Women In STEM conference for middle and high school girls.

Hosted in Apex, North Carolina on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at Hope Community church, Ecodyst was beyond elated to Sponsor the 1st annual Young Women In STEM conference.

The STEM Conference opened with Dr. Mandy Cohen, secretary of North Carolina Department Of Health And Human Services. STEM Conference also included SAS representatives, data scientist, engineers, dentists, physicians, educators, students, parents, policymakers and more to discuss key issues facing middle and high school girls in stem (Science Technology, Engineering and Math).


Interactive, engaging, and empowering are amidst a few words to describe this year’s conference. Ecodyst acknowledges that women have contributed to some of the most important discoveries and technological innovations in STEM. Thus, Ecodyst sponsors this event to celebrate the accomplishments and the journey of professional women in STEM, while inspiring and motivating girls to love STEM! The goal of this conference was to provide young women the opportunity to interact with the women in STEM.

Ecodyst looks forward to bringing together the many women leaders in STEM for a substantive discussion of real-world solutions to key issues facing Women In STEM. We feel that it’s important for these voices to be heard as we work toward our common goal of improving overall representation of women in STEM.

Panel topics include:


  • Challenges as woman in STEM
  • Following your passions
  • Set goals towards STEM careers
  • Finding opportunity and going after them
  • Seeking equality in STEM fields

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