An Innovative Approach To Rotary Evaporator Design – Whitepaper

Electronic devices have changed chemistry. Just as home kitchen counters now feature machines—such as electric kettles and multicookers—that make food preparation more convenient, so modern laboratory benches have dedicated labor-saving devices. For many labs, especially within organic chemistry, one of the most commonly seen and frequently used pieces of equipment is the rotary evaporator. Next-generation, electronic rotary evaporators are beginning to offer tangible and significant performance benefits.

Usually known by users as a rotovap, these workhorses remove the solvent at the end of virtually any synthetic chemistry procedure and again after chromatography to leave the pure final product. In most pharmaceutical and organic chemistry labs, rotovaps are used so regularly that all lab members have their own machine. With such heavy use, any innovation that makes rotovaps faster, more convenient, or more energy efficient can have major payoffs for lab productivity and environmental sustainability.

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