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NIRvana Sciences Purchases EcoChyll X1 Rotovap Chiller

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, May 1, 2022 – NIRvana Sciences, Inc., the leading developer of synthetic bacteriochlorins and chlorins, today announced that it is purchasing an environmentally friendlier chiller for its rotovap system from Ecodyst, a local company in Apex, North Carolina. Chris MacNevin, VP of Operations, said “We recently retrofitted one of our existing […]

Root Sciences Announces Partnership with Ecodyst

Root Sciences and Ecodyst have joined forces to provide hi-speed evaporators to the market for solvent recovery in cannabinoid applications. Solvent recovery is a common bottleneck in many cannabis processing operations. The unique line of products manufactured by Ecodyst provides single equipment solutions for solvent recovery, decarboxylation, and devolatilization to prepare crude oil for molecular […]

Alumnus donates Laboratory Equipment

The School of Physical Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences of the University of Cape Coast, has held a ceremony to unveil Rotovaps Laboratory equipment donated by Mr. George Adjabeng, an Alumnus of the School and Chief Executive Officer of Ecodyst, Inc. The Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dora Edu-Buandoh thanked the College for […]

The Benefits of an Ecodyst Lab Rotary Evaporator

Evaporation is used by laboratory rotary evaporators to efficiently and gently remove solvents from a variety of sample types. This includes both inorganic and organic analytes and polymeric materials. A sample is heated while its boiling point is simultaneously decreased by a vacuum that is induced by the lab rotary evaporator. The boiling point reduces […]

Ecodyst Hydrogen Rotary Evaporator

For many years, rotary evaporators (rotovaps) have been a standard in laboratories and industries that perform chemistry, such as laboratories in the pharmaceutical, chemical, life science, materials, environmental and cannabis sectors. The main applications are solvent recycling, extractions, sample concentration and isolation of solvent mixtures. Rotovaps consist of a heating fluid bath, rotating motor, evaporating […]

How Ecodyst’s Modern Rotovap Revolutionizes Rotovap Technology

In this interview, AZoM talks to George Adjabeng about the revolutionary modern rotovap, Ecodyst Hydrogen, and how it supersedes traditional rotovap models. What makes Ecodyst’s new Modern Rotary Evaporator different from existing rotary evaporators? One of the major deterrents to the efficacy of the performance of rotary evaporators is the material waste and costs associated […]

The Hidden Costs of Falling Films

How do falling films work and what are potential solutions to improve them? Falling films are usually only a partial solvent recovery tool. They often carry hidden costs and time loss because they are designed to recover just 70–80% of the solvents from a tincture of full spectrum oil suspended in a solvent. This requires […]

SP Industries Announces Partnership Agreement with Ecodyst to Distribute Single Sample Evaporation Systems

SP Industries (SP) CEO Brian Larkin has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Ecodyst (NC, USA). In making the announcement Larkin stated, “This new partnership enables our SP Genevac brand to be the comprehensive, one-stop-shop for all evaporation solutions. Ecodyst’s revolutionary single sample evaporator line complements our SP Genevac world-renowned centrifugal evaporators for […]

How One Entrepreneur Is Making Rotary Evaporators Cool Again

Rotary evaporators, which chemists fondly refer to as rotovaps, are used to swirl a sample in a round-bottom flask like a wine connoisseur swirls an expensive glass of Bordeaux. But instead of trying to draw out the bouquet and taste as a connoisseur would for wine, chemists use rotovaps to remove solvents from a completed […]

How labs are improving solvent recovery with Ecodyst

From electricity-gobbling chillers to power-hungry solvent recovery machines, extracting cannabis oil can be surprisingly time- and energy-intensive. As the industry grows, disruptive tech companies like Ecodyst are making a big impact in cannabis labs by revolutionizing solvent recovery. What began as a modern alternative to a decades-old process is now a burgeoning business providing cannabis […]