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EcoChyll Rotary Evaporators: Cost, Specs & More

The Ecodyst team have proudly pioneered the EcoChyll line of rotary evaporators; the most cutting-edge evaporative extraction system on the market. Our EcoChyll rotary evaporators are highly efficient and ecological evaporation units that promote rapid extractions for scales of experimentation. In this article, we will be talking about the costs and specifications of our innovative […]

Rotary Evaporator Systems from Ecodyst

Ecodyst rotary evaporator systems are industry-leading solvent extracting solutions chosen by biologists and chemists in testing facilities the world over. Virtually any application that calls for the collection of evaporated matter, whether in the form of oil, liquid, or gas, would benefit from the adoption of Ecodyst’s selection of disruptive rotary evaporator systems. Ecodyst’s flagship […]

How to Use an Ecodyst Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Rotary vacuum evaporators, often abbreviated to ‘rotavaps’, have been integral installations in all manner of laboratories and research centers for years. Industries associated with the processing of chemical, environmental, or forensics materials have maintained a strong dependency upon rotovap technologies. To achieve a faster rate of extraction, collection, and analysis of remnant or solvent substances, […]

Understanding Continuous Evaporation Units

Evaporation is a unit operation that separates the individual components in a solution via heat transfer and resultant vaporization. The purpose of evaporation is to extract and concentrate segments of a solution, achieving greater properties of power and potency for each fraction. The Evaporation and Extraction Process Liquids have characteristic boiling and evaporation points based […]

Accelerating the Path to Discovery®

Ecodyst announce that Tiffany Cauthen has joined the team as Customer Service and Sales Manager. Tiffany is a Graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Upon graduating she worked as a quality control chemist for an international flavors and fragrance company. Although Tiffany enjoyed laboratory bench work […]

Drawbacks of Conventional Rotovaps

Fractionation is an important separation process where a heterogeneous substance (i.e. a solution) is subjected to a phase transition then divided into several smaller quantities based on a compositional gradient. This exploits the differential properties of varying analytes within the mixture. Rotary evaporators, or rotovaps, operate on these very principles. In a typical rotovap setup, […]

What are Rotary Evaporators?

Organic chemistry concerns the study and preparation of carbon-based compounds. This often involves the induction of finely-tuned reactions to enable the observation of specific compositions, properties, and structures. Rotary evaporation is a ubiquitous technique in organic laboratories, providing the means for a range of test objectives – primarily distillation and solvent recovery. What is a […]

Decarboxylation: Choosing the Right Evaporator

After decades of prohibition, cannabis and hemp legislation is gradually relaxing around the world. Wholesale legislative changes in Canada and the US have transformed an illicit market into a legitimate, multi-billion dollar industry in just a few short years. Products based on cannabinoid extractions have become high-value commodities, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) oils which are marketed […]