Super-Fast Solvent Recovery with Ecodyst

Solvent recovery is a critical element of any lab used for cannabis extraction. For both winterization and extracting with a liquid solvent requires a bulk solvent recovery technique. This article will explore some of the pitfalls of traditional methods of solvent recovery and how the speed of solvent recovery with Ecodyst can be beneficial to your application.

What is Solvent Recovery?

Solvent recovery is often confused with solvent recycling, however they are vastly different processes. Solvent recovery is a process in which most of the solvent in crude cannabis extract is removed. Solvent recovery can be a lengthy process, causing a huge bottleneck in lab operations if not managed efficiently.

This bottleneck is caused by vast quantities of solvent, for example in the winterization process unrefined oil is dissolved in ethanol at a rate of 10:1. If the lab needs to extract 10 liters of distillate in a day then they must remove over 100 liters of ethanol, meaning this can be a time consuming process.

Traditional Solvent Recovery

Falling Film Evaporators

Falling films are a widely used evaporation techniques that typically use condensing steam as a heating medium. Falling film evaporators are fairly inefficient, taking a significant amount of time to meet heating requirements. They are also extremely expensive as they have very particular design and manufacturing requirements.

Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators are the most widely used tool for solvent recovery across many industries. They use a rotating flask to efficiently evaporate the solvent under a vacuum. Rotary evaporators are inexpensive, however most rotary evaporators are made of glass which means they are more prone to breakages and are thermally inefficient.

Rotary evaporators from Ecodyst are more quick and efficient than the standard, traditional rotovaps. Their metal condensing coils significantly reduce the amount of energy an application requires whilst also decreasing the overall space.

Despite their benefits, rotary evaporators are inefficient for large scale solvent recovery as they take a significant amount of time to successfully evaporate the solvent.

Evaporators for Large Scale Solvent Recovery

The Ecodyst team identified a need in the market to combine the energy efficiency and reduced footprint of their revolutionary rotovaps with a capacity for solvent recovery on a larger scale.

Ecodyst have pioneers their super-large, industrial-sized 200 liter EcoChyll X9, allowing large scale solvent recovery without high energy consumption and operating costs. Solvent recovery traditionally requires a multitude of experienced operators and many hours can now be achieved in a much smaller time scales.

Ecodyst evaporators use a self-cooling technology, offering a novel solution for solvent recovery challenges. These benefits could revolutionize your operations, increasing efficiency and saving money. To find out more, get in touch with the team at Ecodyst today.