The New Gold Standard for Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators (or rotovaps) are a staple of numerous laboratories around the world and have been for many years. However, in this time there have been very few major changes with regards to how rotary evaporators operate.

Ecodyst has pioneered a new gold standard for rotary evaporators, modernizing them, making them more accessible, and work better for those that use them.

What Makes the New Rotary Evaporators So Different?

One key difference between traditional rotary evaporators and Ecodyst’s models is the efficacy of the performance. These new rotary evaporators minimize material waste, costs, and the use of excessive water or dry ice. Because rotary evaporators from Ecodyst use constant self-cooling technology on-demand their superior performance does not lead to higher operational costs.

A Rotary Evaporator that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

The chemical-resistant metal condenser technology that Ecodyst uses replaces the standard glass condenser. Because metal is stronger more conductive than glass, devices can utilize a refrigeration line that has a direct connection to condenser coils.

This means that the new rotary evaporators do not use high levels of energy cooling antifreeze or running vast amounts of tap water, nor do they waste dry.

The Benefits of Metal Condensers As Opposed to Glass

Metal is extremely good at conducting heat, which means it is suitable to be used with condensers. Metal is also durable with a broad surface area, meaning it is fully customizable.

Traditionally, glass has always been used as a condenser for rotary evaporators as it is resistant to most chemicals that are used in chemical laboratories. However, glass is not a good conductor of heat, meaning rotary evaporators require additional solutions to overcome the poor heat exchange.

Metal condensers can be coated in polymers that are untouchable by even the most corrosive chemicals, allowing for high-performance, modern rotary evaporators to be developed.

Simplicity is Key

Not only are traditional rotary evaporators inefficient, but they are also challenging and time-consuming to use, significantly slowing down productivity. The inefficiency slows down the overall speed of research and sees scientists spending significant amounts of time on practical issues such as sourcing antifreeze.

The new rotary evaporators from Ecodyst have combined the cooling system with the condensing equipment, eliminating the need for a recirculating chiller as it is all integrated into one simple system. This allows the rotary evaporators to take up far less space in laboratories.

The new rotary evaporators have minimal operating costs, only using a small amount of electricity and its simplicity means it requires less manpower.

Applications that Benefit

Industries that perform chemistry such as environmental, life sciences, cannabis, and chemical industries would greatly benefit from the new rotary evaporators.  They will eventually become the new standard for rotary evaporators across the world, particularly in those areas in which it is difficult to access large amounts of water or dry ice.

If you would like to find out more about how your rotary evaporator could be updated and made more efficient, get in touch with the team at Ecodyst today.