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High Quality Budget Rotary Evaporator from Ecodyst

Rotary evaporator users will know that whilst evaporation via rotary evaporator is an efficient, gentle process that can remove solvents from a wide range of sample types, the equipment can be extremely costly.

Many users desire a budget rotary evaporator, however, it is important that these budget instruments do not compromise on the quality and are still fit for the intended use. This blog post will detail Ecodyst’s budget rotary evaporator and the benefits that come with it.

What Ecodyst Offers

Our budget rotary evaporator has been designed specifically to be cost-effective and extremely efficient. Ecodyst was the world’s first lab equipment manufacturer to use metallic condensers in evaporation and decarboxylation processes. Our budget rotary evaporator is based on the same metallic coil technology, featuring a single-coil inside a robust, space-friendly unit. The EcoChyll X5 has a 22L capacity whilst maintaining a small footprint.

Our innovative products have created a new standard for budget rotary evaporators, with superb cost-efficiency and reliability of results. This means that there is no need to compromise on quality for a lower cost.

A Budget Rotary Evaporator from a Reputable Company

Often, a budget rotary evaporator can be bought online for a relatively low cost from websites such as Amazon. However, these rotovaps rarely come with a warranty, and when they do it is challenging to get the manufacturer to fulfill it if they are overseas.

At Ecodyst, our innovative budget rotary evaporator has been designed on a foundation of personal experience with frustrating rotary evaporator designs. Despite being lower in cost, our budget rotary evaporator has been created with a commitment to radical improvement and solid craftsmanship. Ecodyst is committed to offering superb levels of service prior to, during, and after a sale.

Many budget rotary evaporator companies do not provide an aftercare service, so users cannot contact them if they encounter problems or have questions. Not only does Ecodyst provide professional on-site or virtual installation and training with the delivery of our budget rotary evaporator, but we are also available during business hours to help with any queries you may have.

It can be difficult to get replacement parts with other budget rotary evaporator manufacturers, however, at Ecodyst we are able to overnight replacement parts to our customers if necessary. Needing to replace parts can result in downtime that is ultimately costly to your business and that is why we are committed to assisting you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our budget rotary evaporator is designed with the consumer in mind and is easy to use and increases user efficiency. Contact us today to find out more.