Ecodyst Hydrogen Rotary Evaporator

For many years, rotary evaporators (rotovaps) have been a standard in laboratories and industries that perform chemistry, such as laboratories in the pharmaceutical, chemical, life science, materials, environmental and cannabis sectors.

The main applications are solvent recycling, extractions, sample concentration and isolation of solvent mixtures.

Rotovaps consist of a heating fluid bath, rotating motor, evaporating flask, condenser, collection flask, and the vacuum source. Conventional rotovap condensers require external sources of cooling materials such as dry ice, liquid nitrogen, water or glycol. Glycol requires additional recirculating chiller equipment, which is often bulky, heavy, and inefficient, which often restricts their extensive use.

For decades, the conventional rotovaps have also been characterized by unreliability, associated operational costs, inefficient vapor trapping, exposure to carbon dioxide gas from dry ice and dangerous solvent mixtures, health implications of frostbite and environmentally unfriendly.

Using a proprietary and innovative self-cooling technology, Ecodyst has revolutionized the rotovap to be more efficient, to have a smaller footprint, to have greater output, and to be less costly to operate as compared with traditional methods. This disruptive technology has set new standards worldwide for rotary evaporators.

The proprietary modern intelligent self-cooling technology from Ecodyst boosts productivity and prevents downtime. Its refrigerated cooling condenser offers a paradigm shift and sets a new benchmark for cooling down specimens without the use of standard coolants, like glycol, dry ice, or water, thus preventing the significant sources of material waste linked to conventional rotovaps.

The multipurpose hydrogen from Ecodyst is reliable, sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. This contemporary rotovap also delivers excellent performance, has a smaller footprint, features a huge cooling survey area, is more economical to operate and decreases evaporation time, which enables researchers to pay attention to more difficult tasks.

Listed below are competitive benefit features of Ecodyst Modern Rotovaps

  1. Small footprint
  2. Smart self-cooling condenser
  3. Faster rates of evaporation
  4. Condenser is always available
  5. High levels of productivity
  6. No external chiller or dry ice
  7. Eco-friendly
  8. No associated operational expenses
  9. Conserves water and eliminates water bills
  10. Pays for itself within three to five years

The contemporary rotovap is a complete technology that includes the following

Key Features

  • Built-in condenser offers the required cooling temperature
  • Chemically-resistant condenser coils with a huge surface area
  • Includes a 5-L heating bath with a broad temperature range from room temperature to 180 °C. Water/oil heating mode can be altered only through a switch
  • Digital display of rotation speed, cooling and heating temperatures enables optimal control of all distillation procedures
  • Automatic motor lift transports the evaporating flask to a secured position in the event of power failure
  • Speed ranges from 20 to 280 rpm, and interval operation in both anticlockwise and clockwise directions are available for the drying process
  • Overheating protection temperature at 220 °C
  • Remote function enables data transmission and PC control
  • Ejection mechanism makes it easy to remove the evaporating flask
  • Highly chemical-resistant double stainless steel spring sealing ring sealed with PTFE offers a superior sealing performance

Technical Data of Ecodyst Hydrogen


100-120/200-240 V 50/60 Hz

Hydrogen Cooling Capacity

Table 1. Source: Ecodyst

Specifications of Rotovap Components

Table 2. Source: Ecodyst


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