Single-sample Rotary Evaporators for Drug Discovery

As the name suggests, a ‘single-sample rotary evaporator’ does the same job as a rotary evaporator but with a greater intensity of focus upon a single sample. At the conclusion of an extraction procedure, if the sample collected is of a singular species then the testing can be narrowed to analyze that specific substance more thoroughly.

Ecodyst’s Rotary Evaporator Product range

Having designed and developed over 20 original catalogue creations, Ecodyst supplies rotary evaporator systems to meet every customer requirement. From benchtop solutions to industrial-scale instruments with capacities of up to 200L, our extraction measures are recognized among the best in the world.

We sit comfortably alongside SP as one of the top trailblazers in extraction and evaporation technology. The two of us have identified a mutual need and come to an understanding as to how we can satisfy this unique market niche. Both Ecodyst and SP possess the simple intention of reaching a larger customer base and providing a wider scope of services to further satisfy the demands of the rotary evaporator business.

The complementary nature of our flagship systems makes this unique partnership and ambitious but almost inevitable endeavor.

Creative Contributions to Rotovap Technologies

Ecodyst has the most advanced and evolved single-sample rotary evaporator equipment and components owing to its exclusive ‘direct self-cooling condenser’ systems. Our products allow lower production and assembly costs and time without ever compromising on the quality of the results.

SP Industries, on the other hand, brings to the table a type of technology that can process, transform, and manipulate the raw matter that we extract. The ‘SP Geneva’s Parallel Centrifugal’ evaporators can process a collection of samples simultaneously to avoid a bottleneck during the solvent drying period. Add to this, an SP-produced system’s reliance on ‘anti-bumping’ technology to comfortably handle larger quantities of diverse sample matter, and you have two trademark research techniques that guarantee combined success.

Inter-company Collaboration Between Ecodyst and SP

This partnership provides the investment, knowledge, and resources to mass-produce marketable materials that are in high demand across a whole host of industries, specifically for drug pharmaceuticals. We will be able to now conduct the complete evaporation, extraction, and targeted reforming of materials deemed critical for pre-clinical stages of drug discovery and development.

Our pioneering rotary evaporators provide the means for SP’s state-of-the-art drug manufacturing solutions to rapidly and reliably isolate specific chemistries of interest and purify them for in-depth chemical screening. The speed and precision of our systems can accelerate critical workflows in drug development and dramatically reduce production costs, ultimately translating to faster times to market and safer, most cost-effective therapeutics for patients in need.

Systems Produced in Partnership

A triumph in technical ingenuity between Ecodyst and SP Industries, the ‘Ecodyst EcoChyll X7 Single Sample Rotary Vacuum Evaporator’  which was distributed by SP Genevac is an ideal example of how our partnership has helped us rise to the next level.

Arguably the most advanced and applicable multi-purpose sample evaporation model on the planet, it blends the best attributes of Ecodyst’s single-sample system and SP’s centrifugal evaporator. Read more about Ecodyst’s and SP’s groundbreaking partnership agreement and the plans we have in the pipeline. Or, contact us if you have any questions.