NIRvana Sciences Purchases EcoChyll X1 Rotovap Chiller

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, May 1, 2022 – NIRvana Sciences, Inc., the leading developer of synthetic bacteriochlorins and chlorins, today announced that it is purchasing an environmentally friendlier chiller for its rotovap system from Ecodyst, a local company in Apex, North Carolina.

Chris MacNevin, VP of Operations, said “We recently retrofitted one of our existing rotovaps with the Ecochyll X1 chiller unit and are very happy with its performance. A simple flip of the switch and the chiller is ready to go in minutes. It’s great to be free from the hassles of dry ice – no more constant refilling of the trap during solvent collection. So far it has worked well with all typical solvents with no noticeable solvent pass through. Convenient temperature control also allows for removal
of water without excessive frost buildup. Thanks to George and the team at Ecodyst for putting together a great product!”

About NIRvana Sciences
NIRvana Sciences is a spin-out from North Carolina State University with a mission to commercialize red and nearinfrared fluorescent dyes and associated probes and beads with narrow spectral properties for use in life science applications. In addition to support from NIH, NIRvana has also received support from angel investors in North and South Carolina, North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC), NC IDEA and Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network. NIRvana facility is located at Alexandria Innovation Center in Research Triangle Park, NC USA.


Source: NIRvana Sciences