Press Release

Press Release – August 28, 2017

A few days ago, within a span of 10 minutes a competitor posted 15 malicious comments about EcoChyll® X7 on our Instagram pages. You know you’re doing something right when a leading lab equipment manufacturer starts posting negative messages about your revolutionary and disruptive products. The competitor then informed us through text messages about their intention to discourage customers from purchasing our products and further threatened to tell everyone that our products are not good.

This is clearly a competitor with sour grapes that is coming to the realization that Ecodyst® is setting new standards in this lab equipment arena. Ecodyst aims to become the global leader in providing innovative solutions to customers. One of the competitor’s postings stated, “This product is a [NICE IDEA] but not ready for primetime.” The competitor actually said this product [EcoChyll X7] is a nice idea… Not ready for primetime – sounded like we need this competitor’s seal of approval. Ecodyst is the pioneer in ecofriendly self-cooling technology that replaces inefficient glycol and unsustainable dry ice rotovaps.

Another post stated, “Made in USA with Chinese parts.” We find this comment distasteful and unacceptable. We’re a far-flung global company that works with manufacturers in China, Brazil, UK, Canada, etc. We’re not aware that this competitor has physically seen our EcoChyll X7, let alone taken it apart to inspect its parts. This comment, therefore, appears to be malicious and ill advised. Another post: “Too bad these cheap chillers don’t hold vac.” We’re not sure if this competitor is aware that Ecodyst does not make chillers. Our products replace chillers so that scientists don’t have to use antifreeze for cooling anymore. The competitor has deleted the messages now but we’re demanding official apology from this company. We’ll consider naming the competitor on social media if we don’t receive an acceptable apology. Ecodyst stands behind its products. We have rigorous quality control testing. If you have a problem with one of our units, we want to know and make it right. Although Ecodyst is a startup company, it has companies with a combined 110 years of experience in core expertise behind it. Some of our customers include big pharma, universities and government laboratories. We believe the future of rotary evaporators is self-cooling technology and not dry ice or antifreeze.

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