Brock University Graduate returning “home” to give back

George Adjabeng was born in Ghana and lives in the United States. But, he still considers Brock University his home. While he completed his Master’s in Chemistry at Brock, Adjabeng says he learned effective researching and the value of collaboration.

“The education I received at Brock really prepared me for what I’ve been able to accomplish,” he says. “It gave me the ability to be innovative and creative.”

Adjabeng is at Brock Friday, March 18 to talk to students about his career path and donate a piece of equipment to the Chemistry department.


After graduating from the University of the Cape Coast in Ghana, Adjabeng came to Brock to do his Master’s in Chemistry, graduating in 2003. He worked for almost a decade for major pharmaceutical research companies before completing a post-graduate degree at Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Two years ago, he set up his own firm Ecodyst, a unique scientific instrument company in the U.S.

His company has the patent for the instrument he’s donating to Brock, the Ecochyll is a refrigeration accessory to rotary evaporators. It keeps the evaporators cool without the need for water or dry ice.

“This is my small and humble way of saying thank you to Brock and show my appreciation,” says Adjabeng. “This is a small gesture.”

Adjabeng recalls working in the Brock labs with fellow students and professors. He’s never forgotten the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie.

“The professors take a really serious interest in seeing their students succeed,” he says.

Adjabeng is working with International Student Services to present the career talk as a way to give back for the help they offered him when he came to Canada to study at Brock.

“That help was instrumental in making my international student experience a positive one,” he said. “I felt at home at Brock University.”

Adjabeng will give his talk from 3-4 p.m. in TH253. To register visit


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